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It's easy to see that worries and cares are lifted when we enter the gates of Hay Day Ranch!

The Hay Day Herd
Our horses are special! Each horse is carefully evaluated for temperament for suitability for use in our programs. Qualities we look for are even temperament, comfortable with the activity associated with kids and gentle response to the leaders and trainers guidance. Chosen for their gentle temperament, our horses love the kids as much as the kids love the horses.

Our herd changes from time to time, right now we have two lovely boys, Quinn and Dewey. Quinn is a gentle giant! Energetic with more "go than whoa", Quinn is a thoroughbred gelding. A favorite of many  ranchers, Dewey is a Tennessee Walker. Dewey is a gelding, just 7 years old. Dewey enjoys hanging out with other horses,  is easy to ride and has a beautiful gait. He enjoys learning new things and is a sweet, friendly and gentle boy.