Hay Day Ranch
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Testimonials from our Ranchers & Volunteers

We can tell you about our programs, our horses and the beautiful facilities at Hay Day Ranch, but nothing speaks as movingly and eloquently as those who have experienced Hay Day Ranch. We appreciate the kind words of support and encouragement and are always moved by the generous words of support. Touching a child's heart is the "heart" of our mission.

To Hay Day Ranch:
Both of my children, Jaimee, 12, and Carter,11, have participated in the Hay Day Ranch programs; it was very beneficial for them both. They lost their father tragically when they were 5 and 3, and have struggled with behavioral and anger issues. At Hay Day Ranch, my children learned how to care for and ride horses, but most importantly, how to have fun for a little while and just be kids. I would recommend Hay Day Ranch to anyone with a child or children struggling with any kind of issues, whether behavioral, physical, or emotional. Susan, the owner and all the volunteers that work at Hay Day Ranch are phenomenal with the horses and the children. They are so caring, kind, and generous in everything that they do. My kids gained a lot out of this experience and we hope to be able to participate again soon. Thanks!    

Our daughter Maren visited us from Germany this summer. She already had therapeutic riding lessons in Germany. Learning of the opportunity to ride in the United States was a special attraction for her. We were very pleased when Susan at Hay Day Ranch agreed to allow Maren this special experience on several days. Maren met the horses (and dogs) at Hay Day Ranch. Maren thoroughly enjoyed the program and the volunteers who worked with her, Rachel and Kathy. Thank you to everyone who made this possible for Maren. We hope to participate again when Maren is here next summer!


As a new volunteer at Hay Day Ranch, I've been amazed at the connections I already feel — to others, a connection with God, and a connection to doing things that matter. As a former school psychologist and horse enthusiast, volunteering at Hay Day is the perfect match for me. I strongly believe in the mission and vision that Sue has for Hay Day, and seeing it in action has gone right to my heart. When children connect with horses and feel pride in their accomplishments, I believe that can help them feel joyful and empowered. I am so excited to be part of Hay Day and can't wait to see all the good things that happen here! 


Hay Day Ranch has been such a blessing to my family and me! As a volunteer, I get to witness first-hand the way God uses horses to bring peace and joy to our hearts. The ranch is different from any other barn I've ever been at; the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, offering the "total horse experience" - from grooming and bonding with the horses, to actually riding them. Hay Day blesses children and their families with the healing and loving ability of horses in a unique and powerful way.


One day after my 11 year old daughter had been out to Hay Day Ranch riding the horse named Dewey, we were sitting in church.  At one point during the service she leaned over to me and whispered, “I wish I were riding Dewey right now.”  It made me smile that while we were supposed to be pondering God’s glory she was pondering horseback riding.  When asked what is your favorite part of going to Hay Day Ranch, she just lights up and says she couldn’t pick just one thing except to say that it is all fun!  I really like the confidence she has gained by being with the horses.  Usually a timid child, she is not at all afraid to be by the horses, brush them, and feed them treats.  She sits up tall in the saddle and follows Miss Sue’s advice to be large and in charge which is totally new for her.  When her anxieties pop up at home, we talk about how she feels on Dewey and to tap into those feelings to get through the moment.  Hay Day has been such a great experience for her!  Thank you, Miss Sue.    

I have been volunteering at Hay Day Ranch for the past six months and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Susan has a true passion for helping kids and horses. The horses come to the fence and greet us as soon as we arrive. They seem to have a natural healing ability and it is amazing to watch them interact with the kids and bring smiles to their faces. From the first time I went to the ranch and experienced the warm and inviting atmosphere, I knew I wanted to be part of this program “


The spirit of Hay Day Ranch that has meant the most to me and my family is, "come as you are."  As we drive into the property, a sense of calm and contentment comes over us all and we are so grateful to be able to experience the love and beauty at the ranch.  Come as you are, where you are, and you are welcome and loved, valued, and important.  There's no greater gift than that and we are so grateful for that out at Hay Day!